Causes of acne

Causes of acne

Acne can be caused by a number of factors. One of the main reasons why someone gets acne is that, when the pores of the skin get blocked by dirt or anything, oil starts to get deposited inside the skin which eventually results in a pimple. That is why, anyone who is facing problems with their acne are generally told to put extra attention in keeping their skin clean. They are suggested to use face washes, soaps and gels that provides a deep cleansing to the skin. A through clean skin is the least likely to get acne.

Another reason that is usually considered to be one of the biggest when it comes to acne is the change of hormonal levels in a person’s body. One hormone that plays an important part in this situation is called androgen. A subsequent rise in the level androgen may result into the appearance of acne. When a person is headed towards the adolescent stage of their life, the androgen is the most likely to increase and rise. In the case of a female, this hormone, that is androgen, is converted into estrogen. With the rise of the level in androgen, the human goes under certain changes which in turn are responsible for the appearance of acne on the skin.

Laser treatment

Apart from numerous treatments that are associated with treating curing acne, one of the most popular one is the laser treatment. Laser treatment for acne scars is considered to be one of the best and also one of the most effective treatments that one can opt for when he or she is facing troubles with having acne. Laser treatment for acne has shown some of the best and promising results for curing acne. Patients who have undergone laser treatment, with the help of professional dermatologists, have been noticing some great clearing results in their skin. There are different types of laser treatments which are used to cure different type of acne. One type of laser treatment is not sufficient enough to get improving results for the types of acne.

What is an orthodontist?

Orthodontists are the medical doctors who deal with a patient’s oral health and hygiene. You can easily find best orthodontist in Dubai. In the realm of oral hygiene, their specialty is to deal with damaged teeth.